I hope you read my post on Robert C. Davis so that you are well informed to deal with this. Now we can finally address its claims.

“Ask the average school student about slavery and they will think that only white people had slaves.” What school students and in what countries or education systems? Do you think that we don’t teach kids about Roman enslavement? Cause we do. Besides what does this prove but that the average American school student has a rather poor, Ameri-centric, and narrow view of history. Also some of the Barbary Pirates were in fact, white, Davis even says so himself. (mind blown!)

“In the 16th-18th century Africans enslaved 1.5 million white Europeans in the Barbary slave trade.” By now we know what is wrong with this statement…everything. First it continued till the 19th century, and second that number is completely made up. Even Davis who pulls his magic numbers out of his hat can at most estimate 1.25 million. That is his top estimate, and there could have been as little as 850,000 according to his wacky method of inventing numbers based on wild assumptions. Also the word Africans is as misleading as the word Europeans. Most of those enslaved were from Italy and Spain, and the one’s doing the enslaving were culturally, linguistically, and politically rather different from the Africans in the heart of the continent who were involved in the African slave trade. That is, I believe the writer of this Meme wants you to understand that Blacks enslaved Whites, which is not the same thing as what they have actually said.

“Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day.” Congratulations to white people for ending the slave trade they themselves started in the first place. Yay! This is not really a “you won a medal!” situation. This is more of a deep shame situation that whites had to put a stop to something which their various economies all greatly benefited from, on the basis that they were degrading and destroying true and genuine human beings. That it took whites hundreds of years to end the slave trade is a cause for weeping, not celebrating. Also slavery continues in India, China, The United States, Great Britain, Russia, Brazil, and yes in many nations in Africa to this day. The difference is that all those nations consider slavery to be illegal and they arrest the perpetrators of slavery as criminals, rather than profiting from the practice as a social institution.

One thing you can say for the Barbary pirates, which Davis himself applauds, is that they weren’t racist, which is more than you could say for American, British, and French plantation owners.


So what is the point of this Meme? It has 1 major purpose. It justifies racism against Blacks. They could have gone a lot of ways here, even Robert Davis makes this about a war of Religions, Islam vs. Christianity. Nope, the meme makers decided to go for the real kill here, they wanted you to understand that if you hate Blacks then your racism is justified because Black Africans enslaved White Europeans.

No, the question of the ethnicity of the Barbary Pirates is not the issue, they were a Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern Mix after all. No the whole point of this meme is to justify hatred and racism of Africans, which is to say Blacks. They refer to Africans as being the perpetrators of the slave trade, and they refer to Africans as continuing the slave trade. They refer to whites 3 times, and only once to Europeans, and only then in the context of them being white Europeans. No the message is clear, whites are being victimized by Africans, which is to say Whites are the victims of reverse racism.

Never mind that it isn’t true, never mind that I just took great pains to disprove this whole stupid debacle. The meme up there is a Rorschach test. People read that and see exactly what they knew all along. They got tired of hearing about how Blacks get victimized by a system which favors whites. They got tired of hearing about police brutality carried out by white officers against unarmed black teenagers. They got tired of it and so when a meme like this comes along they pass it around and around and around. Because every angry white male who sees it has the same reaction. He smugly leans back and thinks “I knew it. I knew they were all animals who deserved to die. I feel so much better about my irrational hatred now that it feels a little more rational.”

The truth is rarely more interesting than a lie which confirms that your prejudice is right.