TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of Sexual Assault and Rape.

I have been reading several articles on the internet recently about the increasing trouble with sexual assaults on college campuses. These articles track an apparently new and also apparently alarming trend, well alarming to some people. It seems that there is an increased risk that a young man may be falsely accused of sexual assault by an hysterical woman. These articles express genuine concern for those most at risk in college rape cases, the young men who are falsely accused of rape.

Since I am not an idiot I thought that this was pure and utter nonsense, but then I did my research, and lo and behold these people are serious.

There is the article by Thomas Sowell from the national review, here
He mentions the various dangers facing men, and especially male professors due to an increased and alarming number of false accusations. He writes “There is a price to pay for allowing unsubstantiated accusations to prevail, and that price extends beyond particular young men whose lives can be ruined by false charges. The whole atmosphere of learning is compromised when male faculty have to protect themselves from accusations by female students.” For Sowell the worst thing that could happen is a case where an innocent man is falsely accused of a rape he did not commit. No, the worst thing that could happen is that someone is the victim of a sexual assault.

There is also the article from here,
A choice quote from this article comes from Chris Herries, whose credentials are that he is a senior at Stanford University. The article paraphrases him as saying “Some men feel that too much responsibility for preventing sexual assault has been put on their shoulders, said Chris Herries, a senior at Stanford University. While everyone condemns sexual assault, there seems to be an assumption among female students that they shouldn’t have to protect themselves by avoiding drunkenness and other risky behaviors, he said.” I mean it seems really hard to avoid assaulting people, except see, it’s really not.

Then there is the article by, here
Salon is serious, but only about educating the public about the utter stupidity of this situation where men are seen as victims. The author of the article, Katie Mcdonough has this to say. “And here again is the trouble with how we talk about sex, consent and sexual violence in the United States. There are so many ways to flirt and have really enjoyable casual sex without being predatory, but we never talk about them. The importance of listening to the person you’re interested in having sex with and being alert to non-verbal cues certainly isn’t being taught in schools, and this kind of thing generally isn’t modeled in pop culture.”

All of this got me thinking and I have decided to do something about it. I have come up with what I hope will be a very simple, and also helpful three step guide for young men (it is sexist in that it is being targeted at young men) to help educate them about how not to sexually assault someone.

I want to extend a big thank you to my partner in all things Charity (The disclaimer page was her idea, among many other things.). She helped me to proofread as well as giving me some great ideas and suggestions.

Since I cannot post powerpoint slides here, I had to take my guide and turn it into an album. Please note that all graphics and photos contained in this guide are free clipart included with Microsoft’s Office and Apache’s Openoffice.

This guide is dedicated to my partner Charity and our son Dio, whom I hope to teach these concepts to when he is old enough to understand them.

I am always looking for constructive criticism so let me know if you have any concerns, comments, or questions be they technical or philosophical. Thank you and I hope that this guide may prove helpful to someone. (BTW: If downloading all of those pictures is too much work, then just grab the pdf here.The easy to use guide to avoid assault)

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